Ohbliv - Lewse Joints II

One of RVA’s best beatmakers, Ohbliv, has released a new album called Lewse Joints II, and you immediately become a cooler person after listening to just one track.  Starting off with “Imagination Station,” which I can only surmise is a fucked-up warped, eerie sample of the really old children’s program. The breezy 70s soul jammer sets the stage for what’s to come: badass clips morphed into even more badass loops. 

photo by Paxico Records

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Watch: These kids from Ferguson have an important message for all white people

Sometimes it takes the voices of children to speak truth to power, especially when it comes to the evils of racism.

Without question, the widespread police brutality and abuse, both in Ferguson, Mo., and around the country, has elevated the consciousness of young people across America. But many others still are laboring on the illusion that we are living in a post-racial nation following the election of President Barack Obama.

These kids send the perfect wake up call | Follow micdotcom 


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"Look at God!"

— Something incredible and/or miraculous has just occurred, that is the work of a higher power. (via blackproverbs)

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The Ferguson City Council convened for the first time since Mike Brown’s death, and proved that they literally give no fucks about what the community has to say. Added to their vague, paltry proposed reforms, seems real change will have to come in Ferguson via the ballot box. I don’t care where you live folks— let this be a lesson in voting/participating in your local elections and government! #staywoke #farfromover 

My people getting it!

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So…I’ll be attending my first ever SPX this year! The only downside is I’ll only be there on Saturday and I won’t be tabling.

The good news is that I’ll have two things!


The first thing is the debut of Infinity Block, a 5” x 7” black-and-white mini-book of 16 drawings of strange…



From Burning Man 2014.


From Burning Man 2014.

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My bro Eric Stanley on the violin freestyling to Drake’s Trophies!


Hello hello,

SO. What with the new school year and the new slam season coming up, we would like to share some desktop backgrounds with you guys so you can feel inspired every time you look at your computer. More colours and designs will become available as time goes on, so if you are holding out for any of these quotes in a specific colour combination or screen resolution, let us know!

These backgrounds are available for download here.

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We on TV again! @ramya_3 @ragealmighty #versesandflow #lexus #poetry

We on TV again! @ramya_3 @ragealmighty #versesandflow #lexus #poetry


Lovely friends, families, poets, and humans, our wonderful coach Rob Gibsun was on Verses and Flow last night! For those who don’t know, Verses and Flow is a 30-minute variety show on TV that features musicians and spoken word artists (sponsored by Lexus). The episode and some other videos are available online now, so head over and check it out!